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Cosmopolit was awarded the prize for Architectural Identity and Design at the Real Estate Gala Awards 2018.  Multiple awards in recognition of their premium values, innovative solutions and professionalism in real estate, exquisite team collaboration and promising future projects were presented to Cosmpolit by the most important magazine in the field of real estate.



The Ultimate Real Estate Experience in Romania

We engaged in the mission to provide you with the best real estate experience in Romania. Follow us and you will discover how searching for an apartment is no longer a tedious and frustrating process, but a pleasant and enjoyable, even a memorable one when you have the right people along the way. Let’s set sail together on this adventure and gain access to premium properties. Once you know what you are after, we will be there to guide you and give you all necessary information so that you make the best possible decision for you and your family.


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Visit us at No. 4-6 MIHAI VITEAZUL Street, at the ground-floor of the COSMOPOLIT building, where you will also find our colleagues from Cosmopolit Architecture & Design and Cosmopolit Booking. As you well guessed, our team is formed of both real estate agents and committed and experienced professionals working in areas which are closely related to real estate. Together, we tailor solutions for any requirements that may arise in finding a premium residence, we show you all our customized options available, and we assist you in making the best decision!


Ana Cosmopolit is the premium brand with the greatest evolution on the real estate market in Brasov. What vouches for this statement is our ongoing collaboration with this developer along the years. The Cosmopolit projects provide clients with a unique experience, ENERGIZE THE MARKET, and refresh the real estate industry! Ana-Maria Tanasie Razvan Zoicas I recommend Cosmopolit and think of them as leaders on Brasov’s real estate market. They are an ambitious team of professionals, who develop highly qualitative projects in terms of workmanship, architecture and cutting-edge design, as well as a great visual identity which one can’t help but notice straight away. Congratulations Cosmopolit! Razvan Zoicas Lili Lorincz Cosmopolit is one of the few real estate developers who provide their clients with diversity, quality and versatility, so that any requirement may be met. They also ensure that the demands of their clients are dully resolved, which testifies to their reliability and professionalism. I can openly say I am a demanding person and it is here that I found everything I had been looking for. The real estate personnel are well trained and expedite in all their customer-related meetings. I strongly recommend Cosmopolit! Lili Lorincz Cristi Secheli I have been a tenant of the apartment house at Mihai Viteazul since October 2017 and I have to admit it was a very good choice. It goes without saying that before making this decision I tried to find the best and most convenient option and the comparison to other real estate developers on Brasov’s market made it clear that Cosmopolit is by far the optimum solution from all perspectives. Cristi Secheli Gabriela Micioiu Why Cosmopolit? For its team of professionals, its reliability, quality and innovative approach, for a distinguished ambience and accessibility – simply the best! Gabriela Micioiu Petronela Ene The professionalism and novelty which this team stands for is a trademark for innovation, quality and excellence – a set of qualities Brasov really needs. The vision you have incarnated goes beyond expectations! Congratulations!!! Petronela Ene Teodoriu Adrian Top-quality projects!!! Top-class real-estate developer!!! Teodoriu Adrian Horațiu Felea I wholeheartedly recommend Cosmopolit for their quality and professionalism. Horațiu Felea Simona Vasilescu When you are ready to move to your HOME, the one to call for is undoubtedly Cosmopolit. Simona Vasilescu Mircea Adru Premium design and materials, forwardness and professionalism. I highly recommend! Mircea Adru


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