Acasă e un sentiment. Acasă e COSMOPOLIT!

Alegerile pe care le facem ne influențează și ne definesc stilul de viață, iar una din acele decizii care vor conta pe termen lung este cea legată de locul în care ne vom petrece timpul. Felul în care este el creat ne influențează sănătatea, calitatea vieții și bunăstarea. De aceea, în toate proiectele Cosmopolit, suntem atenți la toate detaliile care compun o astfel de analiză.


Can you imagine your dream house?

It is the house where you will find anything you could have ever wished for, the house you would move into right away if it existed. This is the house that you would most certainly call home. Imagine it down to the last details.

Come see it yourself at the Residential Assembly Zenit, our most extensive project so far.

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Every product has an inner value conferred by the story behind it and by various elements which make it become desirable, valuable and successful.

This is also the case for Cosmopolit, a well-known brand which has implemented premium values on the real estate market in Romania.

“Our ultimate desire is to provide our clients with the best real estate experience in Romania.”

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Cosmopolit Apartamente noi premium
Cosmopolit Traian Grozavescu


Have you ever wondered what would it be like to have a convenient and safe home within easy reach of all your points of interest?

This is no longer a dream, but reality – and it goes under the name of Cosmopolit Residential Assembly – a residential project set right at the heart of the inner city, which will enchant your senses by the modern surrounding areas, while also providing the convenience of easy access to all the strategic and popular points in town.

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Its appeal lies in its unique and spectacular architectural style.

Cosmopolit Magnolia is an important residential assembly that has distinguished itself on the real estate market over the last few years.

This complex owes its singularity to the state-of-the-art architectural elements.

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Mihai Viteazul 6 residential complex is a project of the future

Which will entice you with its numerous strengths.

Located right at the heart of Brasov, this residential assembly grants easy access to all important landmarks of the city.

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It is more than a residential assembly.

Calcarului 19B was the first Cosmopolit project designed and implemented as a unique and exclusive property.

Cosmopolit is a brand of great renown which has gained its pole-position after the construction of this highly successful real estate complex.

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Cosmopolit Calcarului